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This song is by Thunder Lord and appears on the album Heavy Metal Rage (2012).

You have the power in your veins and in your hands
With your force you can go everywhere
No one can stop you, you are the white mighty man
With the spells to control to all men

Running in the valleys, mountains and the hills
In your white horse that is a king
Is the fast horse of all the land
Shadowgrey his name, the sacred Mearas one

The light in your eyes is so powerful
With your cane you can rule all
The force of your soul is so strong
The power of your spells can raise it all

You are the leader of fellowship of the ring
You kill the Balrog in the Moria's mines
With your light the Nazguls can't fight
You are Mithrandir or Gandalf the white

All the power in a being
Mithrandir, you are the true king
Fighting against Sauron
To destroy the ring

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