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Heavy Metal Rage

This song is by Thunder Lord and appears on the album Heavy Metal Rage (2012).

The fury is rising, the fire inside
Burning my veins, I feel the call
I hear the thunders, the metal strike
This night will coming, heavy metal attack

The armies are meeting, in his horses ride
The metal, the steel, the swords and the axe
I feel the power, my voice is calling
Brothers of metal heavy metal attack

The thunder, the steel, heavy metal rage
The fire I feel heavy metal rage

The sound of metal, a lightning strike
I hear a thunder, a voice in the sky
The god of thunder, call us tonight
To ride to horizon, heavy metal attack

The rage of the axes, the blade of the swords
Waiting for fight, an army confronts
Legions of warriors, together till the end
Stronger like metal, heavy metal rage

I hear the call, thousands of men
The armies await, heavy metal rage
The sword and axe, the thunder strike
Warriors of steel, heavy metal rage

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