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​The Chosen Are Few

This song is by Thrust and appears on the album The Chosen Are Few (2001).

Have you ever took the time to write a rhyme on the train
Looking inspiration sparked from the brain
Erased the pain, doors are closing seems you're not going to make it
Your life is yours if you want to take
Now fake it, shake it bake it
You seen some of us, yo we couldn't make it
Suffering like spotting me at Dufferin
A true head looking for Bufferin
Ain't that something
Ain't about as close as who brings in the most
Energy redirected by those in my committee
I'm rough rugged, witty
Miss Biggie, but far from jiggy jiggy jiggy *echoed*

CHORUS [Kardinal Offishall] {Thrust}
Yo, the chosen are few {I'm here to let you know}
Yo, if the shit is wack {just where your shit can go}
And if you don't know {I came to rule the show}
I was chosen to do this {you know}

People always asking me what I'm doing next
Trying to have fun and enjoy this flex
My rap career reflect comic book like Gladys
Swingin' on the ep, yo he's on the apparatus
Doing it after dark, while watching South Park
At the same time, my rhymes are murderous crime
Do y'all know the doubter, or what's it's all abouter
I miss the news, scream and shouter
No other way to tell you without being rude
That sign on the door do not intrude
Outlined in chalk stiff, body frozen
Only a few will be chosen

CHORUS *reverse lines* X2

My creative juices and abundant wealth
That resides in a place where thoughts prevail
That fact got you gel, you fell under my spell
Batting average coming up low
A future prospect, and never played with the pros
And you got the nerve to be appearing at my shows
Two thousand niggas be thinking so slow
I pause the frame, erase you from the picture
Bring this mixture, of vex to the pitcher
Step to me don't bring weak thought
Now I jack my thing from this green stalk
Mind when you walk, I plant land mines in history
Evolution of time, remains a mystery
Mr. Kardinal and big Thrust is making history
That's why the crowd is steady steady steady dissing we
Ha ha ha

Yo, the chosen are few, and I'm here to let you know
Yo, if the shit is whack, just where your shit can go
And if you don't know, I came to rule the show
I was chosen to do this, in stere-ereo

[Thrust] {Kardinal Offishall}
Mr. Kardinal
{And the ???? charts}
{In and out ya mouth}