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Truth And Tragedy

This song is by Throne Of Chaos and appears on the album Pervertigo (2002).

Somehow my world came crumbling down
She passed away and I was left all alone
Without all hope
With wounds that never step aside.
Which way to go, I do not know,
What to believe, don't care.
Just pain and misery
Nothing to make me feel alive.

Each time I see her face it strikes me down and breaks my spine,
Cuts me to pieces deep inside.
Each time I hear her voice it burns like thousand flames inside.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Don't say I can't go on like this.
It is so hard to live with truth and tragedy.
Feelings I cannot throw away.
'Cause only I can fell you now.
What heartless acts took place that fatal summer's night.
Just pain and nothing left to say.

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