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For Death And Glory (2005)Edit

Thronar - For Death and Glory
For Death and Glory
  1. To Kill And Be King
  2. Gift From The Gods
  3. The Hunt For Vengeance
  4. Grimnor Valora
  5. Dainar's Last Rites
  6. For Death And Glory
  7. Screams Of Thunder
  8. Where Sword, Axe And Bow Strike Together
  9. The Butcher's Bill

Unleash The Fire (2008)Edit

Thronar - Unleash the Fire
Unleash the Fire
  1. Prelude To War
  2. Shield To Shield
  3. To Ride, Kill And Harvest
  4. King Of The Eburones
  5. Hannibal Ad Portas
  6. The Old Condemned Immortal
  7. Eating The Enemy
  8. Thronar
  9. Final War (Unleash The Fire)

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