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The Long Defeat

This song is by Thrice and appears on the album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere (2016).

The tyranny of deterioration
It worries me that it's all just a waste of time
Taking one step forward, two steps back
Still I believe there's a thread through the thorns
Yeah I believe that somewhere it's warm
And I believe that it's ever bright beyond this black

So keep holding on to hope without assurance
Holding on to a memory of light
But will the morning come?
For I know we'll never see the sun
But together we'll fight the long defeat

The suffering that I see all around
It's enough to keep me crashing down till I...
I lie wrecked and reeling from these falls
Still I believe there's a word in the wire
And I believe there's a way through the fire
And I believe there's a joy that blooms beyond these walls

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