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Salt And Shadow

This song is by Thrice and appears on the album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere (2016).

The sky took its cue, every color and hue on display
Till thick veils of indigo signaled the end of the day
But each landscape that lies in the mirror of your eyes turns to grey

On the edge of a knife, it's like you're living your life on the stage
You're talking through glass, we're just square photographs on a page
Oh we're never alone, but we're each in our own little cage

You're here, but it's clear you're just salt and shadow
Here -- but half a world away
You're here, but you're merely a hologram
So near -- but still so far away

You manage to hide even here by my side where we lay
Here on this bed where I sense every thread start to fray
And I feel our skin touch but there's only so much it can say

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