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Will Blast

This song is by Three 6 Mafia and appears on the album Chapter 2: World Domination (1997).

D.j. paul
Say hello to mista mafia
As the stick up threw the mask we be watchin ya
And we quick to biggie bang bang a rookie
Trip you like a cookie
For you know what you be sayin' killa man to fast.

Gangsta boo
You got big lady gangsta boo comin' to you
Wit a whole bunch of shit that gonna fuck you ass up
Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga get buck wild in this mutha fucker
Let me see you do your stuff

Juicy J
We'll blast 'cause we mutha fuckin' have to
Tie your body up with the strings from your tenny shoes
Juicy j in the house puffin on a light kool
Those who wanna step to the click it's a murda foo

Crunchy black
Who I be crunchy black
You will know who I am when I come up from the back
Kickin doors make your hoe
Lay her down 'cause I gotta have my mutha fuckin' prophet black

I'm the wicked lord imfumous the scarecrow
Demons be dancin around my thrown
I don't know why every time I see your face
I wanna spray like wrong bring it on y'all

Koopsta nicca
Who dat be between them trees
Tryin' to take a peek at me?
If you from the other real
My tale your Koop have nothing left

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