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We Ain't Playin'

This song is by Three 6 Mafia and appears on the album Three 6 Mafia Presents Hypnotize Camp Posse (2000).

(Gangsta Boo)
Uh, what,
It's Gangsta Boo y'all what
It's Hypnotize y'all what

We ain't playin' wit you ho, we ain't playin' wit ya
We ain't playin' wit you ho, we ain't playin' wit ya
We ain't playin' wit you ho, we ain't playin' wit ya
You violatin, hatin' niggas we will kill my friend

(Gangsta Boo)
Tell me, tell me why you, why you wanna come against da Boo
I'll be, I'll be ready to take the world world coming soon
To an end, make a nigga bend, take up out yo shit
Spin yo Benz round and round again circles on you tricks
Ms. Bitch, Gangsta Boo, whateva call it how it come
If you come the wrong way at you baby come a gun (pow pow!)
Smokin' bitch why you at my crib you know how it go
I don't fuck with you no more than after parties at a show
Diamonds on my wood as I take yo hood straight through a storm
BHZ my hood nigga known for makin' bitches run
Tell yo folk, get yo bitches, I... hate you like I hate the f-
I be getting hi... tryin' to level out you bitches I...
Still gonna keep it real, still gonna get a deal
Still got my niggas looking trill with the gold grill
Dirty Dirty south represent it mothafuckin baby
Gangsta Boo da lady represent the hypnotize baby

(Chorus) - repeat 2X

(Gangsta Boo)
Whatchu wanna do with this
Do you wanna see me get buck with the quick-en-ess
Put it down on you clowns fast
Is you wit it bitch, be da past bitch
I'm the only bitch that's doin' it, baller hat fit
On my head, is you wit it mane
Cardial frames on my face, can you dig it mane
Let you down mane like a pilot in a crashing plane
I'm da main bitch in da click, bringin' plenty pain (what a damn shame)
Brought da flame to da hydro, hit it hit it slow
Wanna 'bow, watch da water flow, blew up in this ho
Tryin' to tell you what you wanna know
Now you fuckin' knows like a pro, is you wit it though, yeah you wit it
Baby lady in da s-ski getting money
You be looking real bummy, kinda dummy
You think I won't leave you bloody and muddy
Real chick from da southside of da uni-verse

(Chorus) - repeat 2X

(Koopsta Knicca)
For you niggas with that anna, actin' if you got some drama
Ask up, my dick right in you bitches baby mommas
See what ??? up da butt or will I kill da other bitch
What kinda skinny tell me can I flex and kick it
Since you think I'm jokin now you tryin' to pull you blow
Once you waste the freaky slut the first thing they gon say is 'What?'
Oh how you get da chewin so to me it's just ridiculous
With the tat RIP on her tity, fuck that nigga was he an escape convict
Shit let me hit it got yo peep out for da stab
I fuck her like a boxer what and wet ya wit an upper-cut and then a jab and
I ain't playin' why you have some babies by dem hos
Was he walk straight on my porch or did he go straight out the window
Was cold, Oh no, blast that ?tec? and made her holla
I be swingin' at a bitch like a nigga tryin' to hit at pinada
Screamin 'stop it' take my dick up out her clit
We be chattin in yo face and be laughin' like we never did shit

(Chorus) - repeat till fade

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