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Outro (Most Known Unknown)

This song is by Three 6 Mafia and appears on the album Most Known Unknown (2005).

(Crunchy Black)
And a partridge in a pear tree
(DJ Paul)
Yo yo yo you just witnessed gift!
The new Three 6 Mafia
The Most Known Unknowns (uh huh!)
Please don't fuck this album up baby
Promote this bitch baby
I need that 'lil money
It's goin' down in stores now
We got 'Lil Wyte
Finally famous
Go get dat shit
It's goin' down
Hot to death!('lil wyte in stores now!)
We got the Choices 2 movie and soundtrack
In stores now, go get dat
We got the new Frayser Boy album
Me Being Me
Came out a couple of months ago
So go get dat
Wit dat single, dat hit
I Got Dat Drink On Us
Its goin' down
Comin' up next
We got da new movie
The Clean Up Man us
Straight comin' out
A first comin' a fame
As foo's sit back smoke and drink
Till it is goin' down
The Clean up Man
October, 2005
Go get it
(2005 dey call me clean up man, nigga! get ya ass outta my pocket!)
Also in October 2005
The new album by Chrome
The new artist Chrome
Go get it, its jammin like a foos
Straight To The Pro's
Chrome, October 2005
(New artist Chrome)
Also the Crunchy Black solo album
I don't know when its gon come out
But it's comin' out just keep lookin' around
In stores... Liquor stores, an-and dope spots
You might find it
It's goin' down
2006 is gon be a foo!
We got the brand new album
By Project Pat
A brand new album
You know I'm sayin'
We got Choices 3
The return of Big Pat
A new movie
Choices 3 The Return Of Big Pat
You know I'm sayin'
We got new artist Boogeymane
New album comin' out (Boogeymane Raw!)
Another album by 'Lil Wyte
You know I'm sayin'
('Lil Wyte New Album!)
A brand new Tear Da Club Up Thugs Album
(Tear Da Club Up new album! rap)
The new m-the next the other new movie
Streets Of Memphis
Filmed in the emfamous straight gangsta shit
Takin' it back gangstas its goin' down
(Streets Of Memphis, new movie is filmed in Memphis, Tennesse arwgh)
Cash And Checks which is been adveritsed and promoted
Since '96 but it's goin' down
Man, we gon make it
Just ya know, keep ur fingers crossed
Get yo cash and checks (cash and checks)
And we got another Three 6 Mafia album comin' out
Ya know I'm sayin' (A new one boy new one!)
And a brand new Hypnotize Camp Posse
Wit a new posse
Ya know I'm sayin' (I know ya hatas love it!)
2006 I'm tryin' to do all this man
I'm tryin' to do all this shit this year man, next year
Or whateva fuck
It's goin' down!
Hypnotize Minds!
(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shava doe!

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