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Now I'm High, Really High

This song is by Three 6 Mafia.

Triple six triple six triple six smoked out (laid back)
Now I'm high really high mane I'm about to shout
(Lord infamous)
The end is creating illusions
The substance infesting my brain cell is causing confusion
I picture teflon in slow motion
It's piercin threw flesh
And continue to cruisin
Wait think straight
Don't hate haste penetrate
Face ace safe place base damn I think I'm crazed
Terrors the error no errors
Within my terrors
Are you scared of thr six
Double S'six demonicly elegent elements
A manic depressive aggressiveness stress me bitch
And you will feel the strength of my weapons kick
Tric-kory hic-kory
Dickory dock I smoke top notch bud crop drop
The D the 0 the P the E
I need the B the L the UNT
Because that green power flower got much luv
I tell you don't fuck with the triple six mane
'Cause you know that we on dem drugs
Damn I'm going off with the blunt
Outter space rock lord infamous
I keep clouds of smoke flyin out my mouttttttttttttttttttttth

Soon I'll have the rest

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