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Niggaz Down 2 Make Some Endz

This song is by Three 6 Mafia.

Niggaz down to, niggaz down to
Niggaz down to, niggaz down to
Niggaz down to, niggaz down to
Niggaz down to make some endz, (repeat line 14x)

To allll you dirty hoes who sayin' fuck you
Bitch don't talk no shit just open ya mouth and doin' ya chew
Put the dick in ya motherfuckin' mouth real deep
Drop off ya money hoe stop acting so cheap
Why ya hoin' on the streets for them god damn rocks
Get the fuck away from me hoe or ya ass get popped
Wid this motherfuckin' glock, at ya motherfuckin' dome
Test my motherfuckin' pimpin' and you won't live long
To ya stankin' ass bitches tryna get a nigga started
On that motherfuckin' chewin' dirty hoes have ya lost it?
Listen up good, don't test my pimpin'
To all ya sexy bitches don't ya know just what ya missing?
A pimpin' ass nigga from the South of Memphis man
Hangin' on that boomin' track, bailin' on this gang bay
Orleans is just around the motherfuckin' way
Try to test a real playa over there and get sprayed
Shit no motherfuckas that's just how my niggas do
I ridin' around and smokin' some bud and drinkin' them Yaks and blowin' too
As long as you got half on a sac or some blow
And then we can ride around while scopin' out the dirty hoes
Seein' just if, we can get a dicksuck
To spyin' out a motherfucka we don't like 'cause he gettin' jumped
Tellin' ya once again I'm a motherfuckin' pimp
The nigga wid the big dick and the motherfuckin' limp, bitch...

Niggaz down to make some endz

Gettin' back on you motherfuckin' dirty hoes
Why don't you get some cheese and get outta those dirty clothes?
Makin' a motherfucka almost wonder if ya burnin'
Not knowin' if ya clean and ya givin' me the suckin'?
Makin' me nut all over the motherfuckin' place
And then ya put it in ya mouth and even let it run in ya face
Boy god damn y'all some dirty ass bitches
Done got fucked so many times that ya got a thousand stitches
Puttin' a motherfuckin' whoopin' on ya dirty ass pussy
Let a pimp fuck ya and you wanna get mushy
I'm a motherfuckin' mack, I ain't wid that bullshit
Callin' me wid that shit and see a motherfucka click
Clickin' just like a motherfuckin' lunatic
Lettin' you punk ass bitches know that I ain't bout that bullshit
If it's any motherfuckin' way that I ain't got my gat
Just let me holla at my niggas and they got my god damn back
Bitch you betta find some trip that's wid that motherfuckin' junk
Tryna fuck wid me and I'ma shoot this A-K pump
I don't know all these bitches that try to test me wind up dead
So listen real good to what this playa said, bitch...

Niggaz down to make some endz
(Repeats while he talks)

Yeah this Mack-E
Niggas down to make some endz, 9-9
Lettin' y'all know about a few ah my niggas
That's flat foot down to make some endz
Playin' no games, ya hear me?
Ya hear me?, ya hear me?
Yeah, niggas like, Triple 6
DJ Paul, Juicy J, (breathes and hisses)
Gangsta Boo, Project Pat
And Crunchy Black, Scarecrow
And nothin' but the real playas
Real playas, real playas...

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