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Most Known Unknown Hits

This song is by Three 6 Mafia and appears on the album Most Known Unknown (2005).

The most known unknown the album, alota people question the title they wanna know what it means, Most Known Unknowns means that 3 6 mafia is known but at the same time they unknown, ya know what I'm sayin', niggas don't realize it, niggas in the streets realize it but the press and the industry don't realize, its cool, it is what it is I ain't gon talk ya head off imma drop these hits on ya play them classics:

Where is the bud, where is the bud?
Slob on my knob like corn on da cob?
Tear da club up, Tear da club up
Push 'em up tear it up, Push 'em up nigga
Who Run it, who run it?
Playa why ya hatin', playa why ya hatin'?
Sippin on some syrup, sip sip sippin on some
When I say weak ass you say BITCH
Let me, let me, let me feel yo toungue ring
It's my baby mama yee naw
She's a two way freak, a two way freak
I say BITCH get the fuck out my face
I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners and they don't stop
These bitches test my gangsta, these bitches test my gangsta
I'm from that Memphis Ten trick, who gives a what where ya from
We lookin' fa them j-lo booties, big ol' ass round and fat let me squeeze
That one hitta quitta, that one hitta quitta
Who you fuckin' with bitch, who you fuckin' with bitch?
Shut the fuck up!

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