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Charging These Hoes

This song is by Three 6 Mafia.

Triple 6 Mafia
"Chargin These Hoes"
Underground Vol.1
Deciphered by Mista Flames

What's a nigga doin'?, chargin these hoes,

DJ Paul
What the true playas doin', oh, they makin' these hoes pay the mutha fuckin' cost,
To the real mutha fuckin' boss,
Pimpin' is how I make my livin', you fools need to keep payin' bitch,
Cause while ya gettin' po, I'm steady gettin' rich,
Why they payin' these hoes, I can't figure it out, these bitch could be chewin &
The whole fuckin' backyard and not get a dime for that,
For what, hoe I don't need ya, what I'm gonna eat ya, bitch I'm bout to beat ya,
And what's up wit them hoes that made the song, chewin ass nigga,
Tramp ass bitches forgot that I had the picture,
From the camcorder in the closet, caught you hoes slippin,
These bitches be gettin' mad when they hear they name on tape, they start to
That's how it is fuckin' wit a Backyard nigga,
My nigga Lord Infamous got fingers on the trigga,
Aimin for yo face lettin ya hoes know the score
Yo Juicy what these niggas doin' (They chargin these hoes mane)

Juicy J
I met a lil freak bitch who always wore tight shit,
Had 5 kids and her pussy had a tight grip,
The first of the month came, the first of the month came,
I saw the mailman comin', now its time to run game,
Give me half the check bitch, niggas like me never quit,
Big nose red bitch, let yo lips meet my dick,
Pay up the money, for the runnin' of my cum on ya tongue,
Juicy "lowdown" J will never get sprung,
Never was ya friend see, all nigga want is cheese,
McDonalds, Crystals, Burker King, Wendys,
Whatever kinda check it is, chargin hoes is my biz,
D Magic, Project Pat, I know my nigga down for his,
Yeah ya hoes know the score, wanna fuck through the door,
Credit cards, crazy checks, all that type of shit'll go,
To ya lil dirty hoes, keep my name out ya mouth,
Unless ya want a job bitch, that's what I'm talkin' bout

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