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This song is by Thousand Foot Krutch and appears on the album The Art of Breaking (2005).

It's just the state of affection
Just need something to cure the infection
I don't want to be your misconception
No, no, don't want to break the connection
It's just the pent up aggression
That drives me into this direction
If I had to ask just one question
"Oh no, how come they don't listen?"

It don't want to slip, I don't want to fall
I don't want to care, or be here at all
I don't want to crash, I don't want to burn
I won't want to forget what I've learned

I'm a stranger that no one can see
A stranger to every part of me
I'm a stranger to all that I know
A stranger, everywhere I go

Sometimes I don't hate but I want to
Blinded by the reason I found you
It's just a feeling I get when I'm around you
Can you relate to what I'm going through?
How much farther will I get?
Man, I feel like such a moving target
How many times will I slip before I find it?
Until then I guess I'll just keep climbing

It's so hard when you're a loser
Heaven help us find out way
And it's so hard 'cause I'm a loser
Heaven help me feel okay

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