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Save The Humans

This song is by Thought Riot and appears on the album Shattered Mirror Syndrome (2002).

What's left now that we crawl over every stretch of earth we want
Millennia of wars with things that didn't know that they were at war with us.
We fought people too, but always "them", and now what's left is "we".
We - the conquerors, the kings - the ones that'll learn to fall the hardest.

We've come so far and only just begun.
The damage wrought runs deep.
Please save the humans.

Sick feelings as we turn on our neighbors covetously
Opaque seeds of culture warring against us, laying siege internally.
But that's the way it's done, so this is how we die,
Yet we balk and choke at the idea that things could be otherwise.

This house of cards so big now stands alone.
With it will fall all stability and hope.
Diversity slows progress so it's clear what we must do
Destroy anything not interchangeable with our pursuits.
But not all of our ends weigh equal, not all of our ends are shared.
Not all of us have destroyed, but we can all die in the end.
All humans united in a uniquely human destiny.
Created by us, for us. Hooray for today.

They know not what they do and they think that they're untouchable.
Please save the humans.

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