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Pillow Over The Face As Therapy

This song is by Thought Riot and appears on the album Shattered Mirror Syndrome (2002).

The only life I've come to depend on has turned against me.
What am I to do when there's nothing left?
No one left for me.

The only one who can change this lies in front of a machine.
Medicines and cures seem too far away.
So sick of playing this hide and seek game with reality.
Count to ten; release my grasp on today.

What has happened? Why do I fall?
Glorified problems in a chemical mess.
Stripped down I fall into unconsciousness.

What is left of me?
I see you in the glimpse of a forgotten dream walking beside me
(Just a glimpse of a forgotten dream).

You're there through it all but it still isn't real.
Climb inside; destroy that which makes me ill.
Look closely; it hides well in this mangled mess that makes what I am.

What has happened? Where have I gone?
Is it a problem to be solved by anyone?
I sacrifice myself 'cause there is no way out.

Life is suffocating me as I beg for sweet catharsis.

Nobody cares except you, in love with what is left of me.
What is left of me?
(Just a glimpse of a forgotten dream).