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Smirk the Godblender

This song is by Thought Industry and appears on the album Mods Carve The Pig: Assassins, Toads And God's Flesh (1993).

I) Your Grandma's A Seal Killer

Rot disease doc cowers sly.
Bigot's digest blacklist trade.
Homophobic? Barb's pro-life?
Fist happy conservative.
White gold home shopping cross.
Vinyl infant nailed Jesus style.
Huddled ignorant cult of chumps sobbing.

Himmler cops sip raisin rum.
Christmas eve.
December bliss.
Tossed balloons of santa paint
Splash lovell and south rose.
Watch grandma's swastika taunt dad's foundation walls.
She expressed ice nerve and speech,
And they know I'm more left than right.
Burn the country clubs.
Rich white man.
Scared white man.
This is me, face turned wry. Snow.

Electric my passion punch.
Sheep test the artichoke.
Kill liddy. Love Stanley III.
Days of height and Milbrook house;
And I wonder of April 16th?
Wavy gravy and Ram Das.
And I'm reading the oracle,
And I'm feeling more god than straight.
Burned beneath the lids. Hoffman's here.
Krassner's there. Kids will play.

Load Jim's .44 behind the ATM.
Await Mercedes Benz.
Sugar man behind the wheel.
Shoving cocked piece to his cheek.
Have him pull his max in green
George called it "War on Drugs",
But I call it "War on Love."
War on all my friends.
Leave us free to choose and be.
This is me. Rubbed in shit.
Old shoes. Huge clue.

II) Who Took My Holiday Inn Bible?

Protestants. Catholics. Jews.
Islam. Baptists.
Lutherans. Mormons.
Orthodoxy. Christian science.
Jehovah's witness. Methodists.
Episcopalians are falling down.

Blend it, religions crime. Grind it, religion dies.

III) I'd Rather Hide Than Be Dead, But I'd Rather Be Dead Than Dumb

Humpback slitting sickly. Exxon glaze.
Ramming japs. Blood gushing raw blowhole.
Crone whale lambasting death.
Sand scraped and forcible shored.
Metaphor lays mucked and dies.
I laugh, "I know what she's doing.
She's choosing her final time. Hemingway
Like grave.
What is land is lost at sea."
This is me.
Face torn blind.
Ribs cracked.
Tongue lost.

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