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Republicans in Love

This song is by Thought Industry and appears on the album Mods Carve The Pig: Assassins, Toads And God's Flesh (1993).

Sorry, I'm drunk dear.
It happens all the time.
Honestly, I thought I loved you.
Too bad you're so damn lame.
Scare me with the chance to die
By people I would call friends.
I guess it's a lovely trick.
I probably should enlist.

Grind me meaty.
Wash me holy.
Chew me crust bloody.
Spit on me.
You know I trust you dead.

GOP's oily sudsing.
Attempting to wash what won't rub.
Flossing gums, then licking bottoms.
Nonchalant, they're gropping crotches.
Raped green by forty ounces.
Shiny bliss.
My cocky drunk grin.
Pretentious for deceiving you.
You're gullible for believing me.

Grip cold drink starless starlet.
You're the stench that sates him.
His zipper's sticky on Sunday morn.
Ron's a fist of cement late for breakfast.

Emmanuel Kant.
Hamshackles, and first and ten.
June bugs lick the horses teeth
Smiling in the grave of summer.
Assume texas stance.
Moled south for Houston.
Toads dismembering flies.
Ill-behooved to miss them.

I tend to think we are free.

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