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Michigan Jesus

This song is by Thought Industry and appears on the album Mods Carve The Pig: Assassins, Toads And God's Flesh (1993).

Christ, you've toiled hard.
So grab a stool.
You get to buy the first round.

Guinness Stout?

I'll cleanse your feet with my beer.
We'll have another round, Collin.
May I bum a smoke?
Thank you.

Citizens, the proletariat will rise.
Marx was right To believe in something new.

Can I quote that?

Government, reduced to a momentary guard.
I was born just a man within a plan.

That's with a "J", right?

Christ, the girls are onto you.
A godless herd.
But I don't believe in god either.

And neither do I.

Let's pound some shots of Quervo.
I'm always thinking wrong loaded.
So, damn it, come along.
We'll Sing.

(Jesus, Brent, and the People:)
Tralala lalalalalalalala lalalalalala lalala.
Tralala lalalalalalalala lalalalalala lalala.

Genius, who's your agent?

Is that in Hebrew?

I'm outta here.
Call me a taxi.
Christ, my keys.
You sure know how to drink my friend J.C.

I love you.

Adieu, adieu, and yes we love you Jesus, too.
Please come back to conclude in lost Hebrew.

Please, don't leave.

Thank you much.
Come meet my wife at the laundromat.