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Budapest by Blimp

This song is by Thomas Dolby and appears on the album Aliens Ate My Buick (1988).

On the corners of boulevards I call your name
Now and again they play our tune
In the grip of a tiny hand over a flame
Pale as the phases of the moon

In the cafes and shopping malls I see your face
Turn into mist on evening dew
But a book and a photograph just aren't the same
There is a train that's leaving soon

Budapest by blimp

Over pillars and palaces I'll hold your hand
Until the fog is lifted
Maybe better you hold me close than understand
How far away I've drifted

In the face of a tragedy too bleak to know
The death of some grand illusion
All the treasure we pilloried, splendour we stole ...
They never told you that in school

Konnyebb volna tan feledni
Mint tavozasom erteni
Multbol egy kiszak ittott lap
Ekodbol indul egy vonat

Budapest by blimp

Que je voudrais vous presenter, messieurs, mesdames
Regardez bien, je vous en prie

Here's a map and a diagram, a shrivelled page
Ripped from the book of history
See the priceless antiquity frozen in time
Built on the ashes of the Jews
And for your curiosity, beauty sublime
Signed in the blood of Zulus

Not really a goosestep, more of a limp!

Budapest by blimp

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