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6 Count Swing

This song is by This Way to the Egress and appears on the album Mighty Seed (2013).

My dear I gotta rell ya something while I'm on my feet.
I soaked myself in gin tonight I can't be discreet.
Lucky Lucy's on the floor she won't get up till dawn,
The jukebox is running low, I guess I better get done.


Well, I guess I'll tell ya baby, there's a prize for every fight.
The train is leavin' right on time, the city with no lights.
It seems to me they got ya babe, you bat your eyes so well.
Your crimes don't feel so bad, when you're on that trail.


Well I see the way you wonna be, your subtleties a case.
Parade yourself around like a drink, like a waste.
The wolves out there will eat you up, ya better go on home.
'Cause you'll invest in something baby, that ya can't return.


Well now, can't ya see we gotta go down town.
Gotta buy ya diamond rings and a silk black gown.
It's never too late to twirl around in that dress.
We do the lindy hop - the jitterbug - confess to impress.

I see the way you're lookin' at me, what do I do?
I feel the stomp of your heels.
It's time to disperse for cocktail hour,
Cranberry and club. Well it don't matter.

I see the way ya wanna go in this world,
The time it don't matter staying young is getting old.
Shut the suicide doors, don't ya dare look back.
Well we're leavin' today, say goodbye to fat jack.

I see the way that your are.
Never knowin' your nex move,
So let's pave the way
For unpredictable dismay.

Do ya understand me darlin',
I never see us fallin',
So lets keep on dancin'
The six count swing.

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