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Kiss the Envelope

This song is by This Runs Through and appears on the album Until Forever Finds Me (2004).

Cut open this heart
Now steal away my last real beat of hope
And forget what has happened
Remind me of living
And the lack of blood that has brought me to my knees
Withholding your mirrors down and stare
Hold on to my reflection
Now watch it bleed right through your hands
Now lie
Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm living now
Slowly one by one the leaves began to bury my head
You've realized this one thing
As you watch me fade
It begins to slip right beneath your hands
As you've realized this one thing
We begin to watch it bleed right through our hands
This will bleed through your hands
Hold this wound and pray for the strength to let me float away
For what lies ahead is hope
This will take my all
Your eyes they tell me as I drift away

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