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This song is by This Providence and appears on the EP The Sunday Best (2003).

It's so hard to say this to you,
Once again my love fell through.
How could I do this to you?
The last time I promised you,
And you say...

Well there's so much that I see when you are not around me,
So many words that you say are contradictions,
And how can you say you love me when you don't even seek to find me?
And I just want to set you free from these addictions.

You cry as I tell you,
When did I?
Why did I?
How could I?
I sigh as I tell you all the things I used to do
And you say...

Well there's so much I didn't see when you were not around me,
And so many words that you said were contradictions,
And how could you have said you loved me,
When there were all those things I couldn't see?
Well I knew there was something up with you.

Something wrong,
Something not right...

Is there anything I don't see when you are not around me?
Are any words that you say contradictions?
And do you still love me now?
Well I don't understand how.
Can you forgive me somehow of these convictions?

And you forgive me endlessly,
But I won't pretend to understand all of this,
And you love me unconditionally,
But I know I'll learn from this,
I know I'll learn from this.