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​Catching My Breath

This song is by This Providence and appears on the album Our World's Divorce (2004).

I'm finding it hard just to breathe,
I'm finding it hard just to breathe without your breathe of life,
I'm finding it hard just to breathe in you,
I can't breath, can't you see that I'm suffocating.

Are you here with me now?
Well everyone keeps telling me how you're the air I breathe,
And everything I need is in you.

I'm one step away from,
Another bad decision and,
I've already made up my mind,
'Cause I've strayed so far away from,
The air that I breathe and I'm suffocating.

Where am I? I can't see a thing,
I'm getting swept off my feet,
And where are you I can here your words resounding,
Not by the wind but by the waves that drown me.

Don't let go, don't you let go.

Oh why didn't it occur to me,
That your love goes deeper,
Than my moods or reservations,
And all my stupid lines like,
"I'm just not in the mood for this"?
I once was blind but now I see,
You're breathing your life into me.

So I'll swallow all my pride,
Take a deep breath and fall at your feet,
So this is breathing,
Breathe in you.