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The Sunday Best (2003)Edit

This Providence - The Sunday Best

The Sunday Best

  1. Alpha
  2. The Missing Page
  3. Is This Life?
  4. My Dream Is You
  5. Picture Day
  6. Taking Back Control
  7. I Think You're Wonderful
  8. Contradictions
  9. Omega

Our Worlds Divorce (2004)Edit

This Providence - Our Worlds Divorce

Our Worlds Divorce

  1. Well Versed In The Ways Of The World
  2. Truth And Reconciliation
  3. Everyday
  4. Best Wishes
  5. To Kill This
  6. Certain Words In Uncertain Times
  7. Catching My Breath
  8. Twisted System
  9. Any Romantic Fairytale
  10. Our Flag Is White
  11. Untitled (Hidden Track)

This Providence (2006)Edit

This Providence - This Providence

This Providence

  1. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
  2. Card House Dreamer
  3. Secret Love And The Fastest Way To Loneliness
  4. My Beautiful Rescue
  5. Losing Control
  6. ...But What Will They Say?
  7. Anything Is Possible
  8. The Road To Jericho Is Lined With Starving People
  9. Walking On Water
  10. An Ocean Between
  11. The Pursuit Of Happiness: The 1st Movement
  12. The Pursuit Of Happiness: The 2nd Movement
  13. Patience (iTunes Bonus Track)

The Bright Lights (2008)Edit

This Providence - The Bright Lights

The Bright Lights

  1. Waste Myself
  2. My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated)
  3. Hopeless
  4. Sand in Your Shoes (Acoustic)

Who Are You Now? (2009)Edit

This Providence - Who Are You Now?

Who Are You Now?

  1. Sure as Hell
  2. Letdown
  3. Waste Myself
  4. This Is the Real Thing
  5. Keeping on Without You
  6. Squeaking Wheels and White Lights
  7. My Beautiful Rescue
  8. That Girl's a Trick
  9. Selfish
  10. Chasing the Wind
  11. Playing the Villain
  12. Sand in Your Shoes
  13. Somebody to Talk To

Other SongsEdit

  1. Keepin On Without You
  2. My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated)
  3. Sand In Your Shoes (Acoustic)
  4. The Letdown


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