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Siúr Boat Song

This song is by This Is Deer Country and appears on the EP Killdeer (2011).

Rowing on the river
With silvery shadows chasing my mind
Whispering fields o'er the banks growing near
And the panting I'm bound to abide

I can hear them in the dark
The beating of their hooves like a big bodhran pounding
And they're shifting likes ghosts or a darkening coastline
As seen from a ship departing

And I can hear them calling my name
And a song rising up from every muscle and bone
Oh the dapple and the bay and the gunmetal grey
The black and the red red roan

And here, like a shivering foal
Wet and clumsy and crying out in the night
And smelling like blood to bring the wolf or the flood
Or the crashing and thunder
Or the fury of the sundering sea
Tree shaking ghosts
On river banks oh
Or the cold, cold hands
Of godless lands
That envelop and seek to end me

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