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This song is by This Is Deer Country and appears on the EP Killdeer (2011).

In the corner of the field the farmer forgets
Grows a wildness that forgetfulness bred
And the thistle towering over me
I will sleep, I will sleep.

Thunder in the meadow where the killdeer cry
Feigned injury performed for the hungry eyed
And the hush that falls from the darkening air
Haze on the horizon and the rain it bears

You told my father you'd return for me
Ere the winter wind set the field to freeze
Now the cold has come twice without word of you
Not a whisper from the man I was promised to

I heard down the river you settled down
Wed a yellow haired woman in a satin gown
And her belly hangs heavy with a child of yours
Hangs heavy with the prize I'd waited for.

What evil have I done to account for this?
By my love forsaken, by my love dismissed.
And what evil must I do to bring reckoning?
For my faithfulness given, for my love spent.

In the corner of the field the farmer forgets
Yellow hair and blood matted to the thistle bed
Redemption is the name of the fruit I reap
Oh, I will sleep, I will sleep.

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