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Album by This Heat.
  1. Testcard
  2. Horizontal Hold
  3. Not Waving
  4. Water
  5. Twilight Furniture
  6. 24 Track Loop
  7. Diet of Worms
  8. Music Like Escaping Gas
  9. Rainforest
  10. The Fall of Saigon
  11. Testcard

Produced by:

This Heat with David Cunningham and Anthony Moore


Mono/stereo cassette, 2 and 24 track recordings, Feb. 1976 – Sept. 1978; The Workhouse, Cold Storage, Camberwell, live and in performance

Engineered by:

Rik Walton, Chris Blake, Frank Bryan, Kevin Harrison, David Cunningham and This Heat


  • Charles Bullen: guitar, clarinet, viola, voice, tapes etc.
  • Charles Hayward: percussion, keyboards, voice, tapes etc.
  • Gareth Williams: keyboards, guitar, bass, voice, tapes etc.

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