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Disintegrating Eden

This song is by This Day Forward and appears on the album The Transient Effects Of Light On Water (2001).

They stand alone,
Listlessly innocent with crimson soaked petals full blossomed and thorned.
I'm burning all my roses tonight with intent to purify,
Flames to burdens disintegrate to ashes,
Purification flames to burdens to ashes.
I rest my mind on the thought of something not of this world,
Searching for a place where dreams never die.
A place not of this world.
Searching for something else, such a place exists
And resides in the solitude of a heart.
Such a place exists beneath a tangled mesh of thorns.
So take a flame to your garden,
Your precious collection that only brings dissatisfaction
As it grows without an end.
I feel the petals burn and the smoke drifts.
I feel the petals burn and the grey night clouds carry me away
From this place and for one pure moment I am free.

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