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Practice Makes Better

This song is by This Day & Age and appears on the album The Bell and the Hammer (2006).

I still feel sorry for you; you still feel nothing for me. Isn't that because with us you gave but you rarely received? You were waiting for someone I
Could never be. You said, "I'll take your hand and ignore it as long as I can"... You were patient, you were kind; you weren't jealous, I was blind... I
Can't walk away until you decide which one of us you want in your life. Like a light you can simply turn off, just tell me I'm the one who lost. I can
Take it; I'll fix it right after you break it. I'll walk alone, mostly so that I can grow... I'm still hopeful, I can change; I don't regret our
Yesterdays... Close the door as you leave; it's the last thing I need to see.

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