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It Matters

This song is by This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb and appears on the album Dance Party With... (1999).

Punk rock is dying or it's dead and we all know it
It doesn't make any sense arguing about it, and even if we did, that's it it would be is an argument
It doesn't really matter
What really sucks it's that we're gonna let it happen, no one's afraid of becoming stagnant or stale anymore
It doesn't really matter
Turn off your TV
Start a and
Start a zine
Why don't you get out of your car, get on your bike, cook you own food? Steal back from the government
Go around naked one day
Build something
Paint, draw, doodle, write, read, anything
Please, for your own sake, don't become stale or boring, we're not invincible anymore
Generation X mentality is being shoved down our throat, would you believe you let it down your throat?

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