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Goodbye Temecula

This song is by Third Try and appears on the album Goodbye Temecula (2001).

Sixteen years with you
Nothing I'd rather do
Than see your ashes hit the ground
Put me inside a box
And hope I never find the lock
We're both amazed I'm still around

Convince them all that it's their fate
Convince them all that it's too late
Convince them they're not special
Isn't that just fucking great

Goodbye temecula
I hope you burn while I'm away
You left me dirty someplace I can't even see
And that will never wash away

A tradition of hate
I guess I'm just too late
I'll watch it happen once again
Your fortress cannot last
One day I'll find a match
And I'll ignite that flame again

Drain me of everything you can
Drain me then laugh as I can't stand
Drain me then burn in hell
As soon as I find that gas can

Sick of this one horse town
We'll burn it to the ground
Children with torches march around
And I can almost hear the sound

Goodbye temecula

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