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She Sings In Riddles

This song is by Third Day and appears on the EP Southern Tracks (1999) and on the compilation album Chronology, Volume 1 (1996-2000) (2007).

The voice of an angel, I cannot tell
Light or darkness, heaven or hell
The smile of a believer, wedged and bound
Friend or deceiver, the truth or a lie

She sings in riddles, she sings in rhymes
Say everything and nothing at the same time
Still there's something to lose my mind
She sings in riddles, she sings in rhymes

Words of a poet, in perfect time
With Christians and answers,
Every verse, every line

But I smile and I wonder, is there a song
I'm not always silent.
Is it right, is it wrong?

Music by:

Third Day members

Lyrics by:

Mac Powell

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