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Long Time Comin'

This song is by Third Day and appears on the EP Southern Tracks (1999) and on the compilation album Chronology, Volume 1 (1996-2000) (2007).

Well I've been taking
It all for granted
Everything that I, have been giving
Now it is the day, to start my mission
It's been a long time a coming

There are many, searching for answers
Tell me who am I, to keep it to myself?
I've grown weary of my own fears
It's been a long time a coming

Well I've been running just like an outlaw
And I am willing and I am able
To give you something that you can believe on
It's been a long time a coming

True believers,
Have been staring, up into the sky
Waiting for your return
And I know one day
The clouds will roll down
It's been a long time coming

Music by:

Third Day members

Lyrics by:

Mac Powell

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