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I Will Hold My Head High

This song is by Third Day and appears on the album Wire (2004).

Sometimes the night starts closing in
And I've lost my way home again
I'm running out of places I can turn
Enemies on every side
Not a friend around for miles
That's the time it really starts to hurt

Beat me up and drag me down
I'll never be afraid

I will hold my head high
Lift my hands to the sky
Rise above all who try to bring me down
I will hold my head high

I know you said it'd be okay
Sometimes I question just the same
I wonder if my problems are too small
Then I look back and realize
All your pain and sacrifice
Ooh, and how you suffered for us all


Beat me up and drag me down
And lock me in or keep out
Whatever they may throw at me
I'll turn in to a song for you

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