Third Day:Chronology, Volume 1 (1996-2000) (2007)

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Album by Third Day.
  1. Nothing At All (New Mix)
  2. Forever (New Mix)
  3. Consuming Fire (New Mix)
  4. Thief 2006 (New Recording)
  5. Love Song (New Mix)
  6. Who I Am (New Mix)
  7. My Hope Is You 2006 (New Recording)
  8. I've Always Loved You ("Steel" Mix)
  9. Sky Falls Down
  10. Your Love Oh Lord
  11. King Of Glory
  12. Agnus Dei / Worthy (Live)
Bonus Tracks
  1. Blackbird (Live In St. Louis, Missouri 1998)
  2. Alien (Live In Columbus, Ohio 1999)
  3. Have Mercy (New Mix)
  4. Long Time Comin' (From Rare 1999 Southern Tracks EP)
  5. She Sings In Riddles (From Rare 1999 Southern Tracks EP)
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