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This Weird Wind

This song is by Thinking Plague and appears on the album In Extremis (1998).

Drawn through the sides of ages
Towards an ancient dissolving shoreline
I unfold

Feather falling past a moth spins slowly on a
Strand of web dried
Forgotten moisture for spiders now also crumbling
In the sun
It yellows the paper and leaves

Now skeletal tree underneath the skies merciless
Gaze of somber brightness
Questions earth from which we emerged
Questions earth which attracts us
Questions the crimson light lying in measureless
Lingering fire of eternity

I'll tell you
A weird wind moving through violet air blending
The scents of the secret
Night flowers

Now there's no difference inside or out the carpet
Joins a path to the unknown

I worship all the things now as one thought released
By the wind of the place

Here they are disturbed and draw me through the
Ages to a time where I am

Lyrics by:

Bob Drake

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