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The Underground Stream

This song is by Thinking Plague and appears on the album A History Of Madness (2003).

Gone to ground,
life seeping down,
rivers rise.

Living, dreaming, toiling
at the blight on distant hills.

All my life I've been searching for the reason that my
heart is broken.

One day soon waters come
wash away what is done
(some day floods will rise
wash this stain from our eyes)

Dans les gorges, dans les grottes
le temps a le traitement.
L'hubris est le dÈclenchement

Deep in the gorges, in the grottos,
time holds the antidote.
Hubris is the triggering wire.

Il nous faut étre comme l'eau,
plus bas que tous,
mais plus fort mÍme que les roches.

We should be as water,
lower than all things.
yet stronger even than the rock

All my life I've been waiting for this moisture so my
heart can open.

At long last falls the rain,
rinse the blood from our past.
(and now comes the rain,
drown this hateful strain at last.)


Lyrics by:

Michael Johnson

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