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Lux Lucet

This song is by Thinking Plague and appears on the album A History Of Madness (2003).

Eyes ahead, maintaining stride,
Can't let the tides turn aside...
And pray this too shall pass.

Were they lies those lights before my eyes that
Lured me to this wasteland?

Is that a flame shining in the void?

Can't recall at all yearnings felt when fancy filled the night.
The songs were false, no spirits called, just embers fading
Dying in the wind.

Skirting close upon the edge,
Grasping at shreds of memories

And only now my journey begins.
I taste the waters in the desert.
As I drink, stones begin to sing.

I am what I can be what can be I'm becoming.
I can be what I think I am what I am being.

And as the waters gush, the mountains speak their misery.
Redemption flows upon the sand!

Soon again I'm running
Near my line of darkness.
I see myself beneath all my terrors.

Push ahead chasing the fear,
And never a tear shed for old endings
Beginning again.

Lyrics by:

Michael Johnson

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