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Dead Silence

This song is by Thinking Plague and appears on the album In Extremis (1998).

I lost my power of speech today...
Tore it away,
(As) a fly, trapped, leaves its wing behind,
A snake its tail
And I have walked into the trap
That craving truth must spring,
And flesh now renders that which
Mind cannot contain

The wall between the world and me...
Has faded out,
And hells of my own dreaming have,
Torn through my doubt

The very air is nauseous...
And the water turn to pus
The forest feed leviathans...
Whose wastes feed us

If there's no beauty, then close your eyes
If there's no justice, just swallow lies... (and)
Feed your children to the furnace
Breathe the poison in silence!

I hear no furor. Are none appalled?
Or are my visions just madness, all?
Will the winter kill the summer?
(And) will the spring be silent?


Lyrics by:

Michael Johnson

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