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Blown Apart

This song is by Thinking Plague and appears on the album A History Of Madness (2003).

Stop! I'm blown apart - gradual smithereens
Eyes and ears and heart splitting at the seams
Hope is why I can't - head is why I must
Build me up again - grind me down into dust

Chopping down the truth - cannot tell a lie
Scattered chips of youth - bit by bit we die
Thousand points of light stabbed into my veins
Pump me up to be blown apart once again

They lit a flame and doused it again,
And they called it education
They gave me hope, but filled me with doubt
Now I question why I care

Stop the carousel - I have lost my grip.
Can't you feel the tilt of our sinking ship?
Ranks of empty dreams on the killing floor.
We're here but not really present anymore!

They spoke of love, but showed only hate
For the ones who dared to give it.
They preached of God, but served only greed
And the fear that is its sire.

Only when I've come to my end can I see who I must


Lyrics by:

Michael Johnson and Nancy Story

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