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Behold The Man

This song is by Thinking Plague and appears on the album In Extremis (1998).

From light and airy, came decades' dark weight
And from the young and intrepid came
Meanderings of fear.

That which we aspired to be yet donned acceptance
As though it were as simple as to don one's cap
To ease our confusion we will not be!
This is change!
(This is our desperation!)
(This we were repulsed by!)

All that we fought for we soon forgot we became.

And from conviction comes concession to failure.
From sorrow's shore comes rhetorics of blank ambivalence

All those whom we yielded to and hence became
We were repulsed by.

Though we accept why acquiesce facing hoary
Days in tattered roles?
It must be they still suit us. There's room just enough
To grow

Lyrics by:

Michael Johnson and David Kerman

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