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The Edge Of The Egg

This song is by Thin Men.

I'm looking at my past, got my memories in mind
Searching for the reasons why, but find answers that lead to questions
The truth is not written in the newspapers,
The truth is always written on the wall.

But now I'm on the edge
On the edge of the egg
Edge of a broken dream
The edge of the egg

I can see a pale moon on a foggy winter mornin'
And I can see a cold sun in the sky
Looking through the twilight
I'm tryin' to find out what has changed
I can't find a reason, and I can't find an answer

I feel like a burnin' candle
I feel like a candle in the wind
I feel like I'm burnin' on both sides
It's always your own turn, you've got to roll the dice yourself
It's always your decision, and it's always your own turn.

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