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​Sweet Marie

This song is by Thin Lizzy and appears on the album Johnny The Fox (1976).

My sweet Marie
You mean a lot to me
In my memory
Oh I hold you dearly
Once in all my dreams
My plans, hopes and future schemes
There was sweet Marie

But my home is where my heart is
And my heart is not at home
You see whenever we are parted
Oh I feel so all alone

With twilight's falling
The full moon is calling
(Sweet Marie)
And what the sea tells
Only sea shells are whispering
(Sweet Marie)
Into the darkness there goes this message
To you, my darling
(Sweet Marie)
Sweet Marie

Some lovers they are parted
They must end what they have started
All that's left is the broken hearted
I must depart, my sweet Marie

(Sweet Marie)
(Sweet Marie)
(Sweet Marie)

Somewhere out in Arizona
Such a long way from California
Oh I felt so alone there
I was two thousand miles away from home there

Tonight we're going to play Boston
And I still don't know what the hell is going on
Oh but I just wrote this song
To keep me thinking on

Sweet Marie
She means a lot to me
(Sweet Marie)
Oh this melody
It keeps on haunting me
(Sweet Marie)
In harmony
It's with me constantly
(Sweet Marie)

But my home is where my heart is
But my heart it's not at home
You see now that we are parted
Oh I feel so all alone