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2001 Spliff Odyssey

This song is by Thievery Corporation and appears on the album Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi (1997).

It has been established through this whole western hemosphere by _____ Rastaman, that he is the fullness of this creation. the architect and builder, the life giver, the keeper of all mankind. every nation ____________________. Jah Rastafar.

This is outernational. (x2)

Act ________ victory and _____ are the same.
Seek detachment, fight without desire.

Got to many white boys. (x4)

Jah Rastafar. (x4)

(Another language)

I been invited as a freak of all trades.
I got it made. (x2)

This is outernational.
Jah rastafar. (x2)


Various things have been spoken of ____ city of Jah, Zion.

___________________ Rastaman was born ____.