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Compilation album by They Might Be Giants.
  1. Frankenstein (Live NYC 1994)
  2. The Joker (Live NYC 1994)
  3. Yellow Submarine (Live Chicago 1992)
  4. Sally Boy Candy Bar
  5. Concrete and Clay
  6. Mr. Me (Demo)
  7. Outboard Part of Man
  8. Somebody's Body aka "Living Doll"
  9. Hope That I Get Old Before I Die / Cage and Aquarium (Live 1992)
  10. Indiana Wants Me
  11. Kings of the Cave
  12. The Biggest One (Live)
  13. The Big Big Whoredom (Live)
  14. Rhythm Section Want Ad (Live 1985)
  15. 1999 / Cowtown
  16. Boat of Car (Live 1992)
  17. If I Wasn't Shy (Live 1992)
  18. Become a Robot (Live 1985)
  19. 7-11
  20. Alienation's for the Rich (Demo)
  21. Ant (Demo)
  22. Hi Honey I'm Home
  23. Happy

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