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This song is by These Five Down and appears on the album These 5 Down (2000).

What happened to the order and
Structure of what used to be
What happened to the nation under
God's liberty
What happened to the promised land
And promise meant to be
What happened to you what happened to me

Can't you see we've fallen
From the hand of God that set us free
Can't you see we're crawlin into
Self-imposed slavery

All nations unite for the world government
Revelations alive
All that's left is to repent
Think it's good but it don't seem right
You don't even put up a fight
What happened to you, what happened to me

Take your whole identity
Put it all in your hand
Then you'll be citizen
Of the land ruled by man
No longer will you be safe
To be who you want to be
Conform or be a threat
Of the world democracy

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