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Live album by Therion.
Disc One
  1. Ginnungagap (prologue)
  2. Invocation of Naamah
  3. Birth of Venus Illegitima
  4. Enter Vril-Ya
  5. Riders of Theli
  6. Symphony of the Dead
  7. A Black Rose
  8. The Return
  9. Baal Reginon
  10. Flesh of the Gods
  11. Seawinds (cover of "Seawinds" by Accept)
  12. Schwarzalbenheim
  13. In the Desert of Set
Disc Two
  1. The Wings of the Hydra
  2. Asgård
  3. Secret of the Runes (*)
  4. The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah
  5. Summernight City (ABBA cover)
  6. The Beauty in Black (*)
  7. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx
  8. Wine of Aluqah (*)
  9. Raven of Dispersion (*)
  10. To Mega Therion
  11. Cults of the Shadow

(*) Tracks marked with an asterisk are listed on the CD case with incorrect names, either missing the preceding definite article (“the”) or erroneously adding it; the titles above are the correct titles, matching earlier releases.

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