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Live album by Therion.
Disc One
  1. Ginnungagap (prologue)
  2. Invocation of Naamah
  3. Birth of Venus Illegitima
  4. Enter Vril-Ya
  5. Riders of Theli
  6. Symphony of the Dead
  7. A Black Rose
  8. The Return
  9. Baal Reginon
  10. Flesh of the Gods
  11. Seawinds (cover of "Seawinds" by ​Accept)
  12. Schwarzalbenheim
  13. In the Desert of Set
Disc Two
  1. The Wings of the Hydra
  2. Asgård
  3. Secret of the Runes (*)
  4. The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah
  5. Summernight City (ABBA cover)
  6. The Beauty in Black (*)
  7. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx
  8. Wine of Aluqah (*)
  9. Raven of Dispersion (*)
  10. To Mega Therion
  11. Cults of the Shadow

(*) Tracks marked with an asterisk are listed on the CD case with incorrect names, either missing the preceding definite article (“the”) or erroneously adding it; the titles above are the correct titles, matching earlier releases.

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