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Eternal Return

This song is by Therion and appears on the album Deggial (2000) and on the live album The Miskolc Experience (2009).

Kronos is drumming
And time is running
Enter the aeon
And bring back the past

Wheel of Fortuna
Dancing with Shiva
Spin to the newborn
Who live to the last

The world is changing
And fall apart
End of the kingdom
And of the heart

The queen of the beauty (Veil of time)
Now cold and pale (Veil of time)
The sun is setting (Veil of time)
The night prevail (Veil of time)

But fear not darkness,
It's hidden light
And you will find it
Shining with bright

The time is running (Veil of time)
The flame will burn (Veil of time)
When today vanish (Veil of time)
But all return (Veil of time)

Time will come to an end but bring back the start again

Queen of time will rise again
And bring forth the future
Wheel of time will whire around
And bring back the past

Music by:

Christofer Johnsson

Lyrics by:

Thomas Karlsson

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